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Start your journey back to a Sacred Life here.

Our Soul Alchemy Program is our foundational offering, focused on your own personal healing–whole-ing journey. Starting here ensures that you are in a place of balance and sacred center, in order to complete our longer apprenticeship immersions, or they are a personalized compliment to group work.

Through the Soul Alchemy Program, you will clear the heaviness that’s holding you down, bring back the essential parts of yourself that have been forgotten or damaged, and be reminded of your soul’s innate wisdom & purpose. You will start to reconnect to your gifts and talents, as the mythic archetypes and guides that are here to support you reveal themselves.

We do this through engaging ancient spiritual technologies and wisdom teachings that have been preserved through the millennia, and offer them in a relevant way to you. Together we will climb the ladder of your energy centers (chakras), clearing, empowering, and reactivating them, so that you heal from the ground up.

Is this program for you?

~Are you wanting to feel more resourced - financially, emotionally, energetically?

~Are you wanting to free yourself from the hardships of the past and recreate your image of yourself?

~Are you in the process of a major life-change, and need a supportive safe container in which to lean on?

~Are you lacking a sense of direction, purpose, or meaning in your life?

~Are you aware you are not living the fullest life you could be, and not sure how to get there?

~Are you wanting to feel grounded and centered in your body, AND connected to your spiritual guidance and support?

~Are you ready for a big shift in your life, and don't know where to begin?


...if any of these are true for you, then feel free to explore our levels of programming....

Soul Alchemy

Throughout our Journey you receive:

12 Weekly Sessions to reconnect, empower, and awaken you to your truest state of being

12 Week Ceremonial Container –to intentionally hold & amplify your magical transformation

12 Weekly Journal Inquiries –to integrate and track your personal mythic journey

12 Weekly Ritual Practices -to bring the magic back alive in your daily life

12 Weekly Email Check-Ins –to share gems or aha moments on your journey, and feel held in your process

FREE copy of Set Sail: Book co-authored by Shardai


| $2,200 Investment |

Payment Plans available

Mini Inner Alchemy

Throughout our Journey you receive:

5 Weekly Healing Sessions –to radically transform your current life's imbalance

5 Weekly Journal Inquiries –to integrate and track your mythic journey

5 Weekly Ritual Practices -to bring the magic back into your daily life

Ceremonial Container -to intentionally hold & amplify your transformation in everyday magic

5 Weekly Email Check-Ins to share gems or aha moments on your journey, and feel intimately held in your process

| $900 Investment |

Payment Plans available

A Life of Gold

What You Receive

  • 1:1 Guidance and intimate support from a seasoned Shamanic Guide

  • Soul Retreival of your 'lost' or repressed parts of self

  • Power Retrieval of the situations or people you have given or lost your power to

  • Deep Cleanse of your energy field and body, including the release of outdated social programming

  • Extractions of areas of density or disease in your emotional or physical body

  • Shamanic Journeys to connect to your own living myth and archetypes

  • Spiritual Allyship with your personal unseen guides who are waiting for you to discover them

  • Vibrational Realignment to your higher calling and life purpose


  • Earth-Based Ritual Practices to root you back into your source of belonging and connection to life

  • Journal Inquiries to track and deepen your mythical journey of transformation

  • Etheric Healing Space that will hold you in an alchemical crucible of magical transformation

Are you ready to transform the heavy lead

of your life, into velvety Gold?

Your financial, time, and energetic investments are all ways to powerfully say "YES!, I am willing to arrange my life to prioritize my own healing and path of purpose."- and you will be met by an equally powerful "YES!" as the Universe will arrange itself to deliver all that you need to fulfill this heart-felt intent.


Given this trust you will be provided for, the real question becomes-

Are you ready to take a Quantum leap into the next level of possibility for your life?

I would love to offer you a 30 minute, 1:1 soul discovery call, to help bring you the clarity if this program is a good fit for you at this time…

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