What is Shamanism?

And why is it making a come-back?

Today, Shamanism is a term commonly used to express many ancient practices of earth-based spirituality. More so, it describes a way of life for many ancient cultures who sought to understand and align their human lives with the cycles and powers of the natural Earth & Cosmos.

Often stereotyped and misunderstood in our modern culture as 'barbaric' or 'primitive', these traditions are actually a vast gold mine of ancient technologies, that hold the key to unlocking the essential wisdom-keeper within us. Many wisdom-teachings have been preserved throughout the millennia, and many lives have been lost in the protection of them. They were fiercely guarded, because their wisdom would be needed some day.


Today is that day.

In our modern world of advancing human technologies, we have chosen to shelter ourselves from, and override the organic ways of nature– it is now more important than ever to re-teach ourselves to return to balance by becoming a part of nature's rhythms once again. Many of us today feel called to reclaim the spiritual and relational technologies that the ancient ones have perfected and preserved for over thousands of years.

It is our intention through our Shamanic arts offerings, to re-teach the most authentic, embodied approach to Shamanism that we can.

We do so by following our core values:

Rooted: We draw our teachings directly from the lineages that have been preserved through the millennia, thusly giving proper respect to the origins, and passing on the wisdom teachings with as much essence intact as possible. Specifically, we teach the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, originated by don Oscar Miro-Quesada, a respected Curandero and Altomisyoq adept from Peru.

Relational: We recognize that at the heart of all Shamanic arts, is the understanding that everything is connected to everything else. We honor this web of relationship in all that we offer, and hold material sustainability and heart-felt reciprocity at the utmost of importance.

Relevant: We recognize there is as much to be learned from the past, as there is from the present. We strive to keep the essential teachings of the past intact, to adapt our teachings so they are relevant for the culture and times we are in today, and to create the building blocks of the future through the reawakening of our collective Magical Genius.

Shamanic Arts




Shamanic Apprenticeship

Year-Long Training

Explore your inner mythical realms of Soul, and how they weave into the soul of the natural world, through the ancient practices of shamanism.

Through our 5-part apprenticeship, we will explore cross-cultural shamanism through guided journeys, Peruvian rituals, healing arts, and sharing councils. You will start to unveil your personal myth, and gain the alliances that will support you on your path of sacred service.

Awaken your Magical Genius!

Shamanic Ceremony

Community Ceremony

Join us in seasonal community ritual & ceremony. We utilize ancient spiritual technologies to create balance & harmony in our lives and for the entire planet. We honor the indigenous earth wisdoms, and allow reverence to move through us as acts of devotion.

Reconnect to our Earth Sanctuary.

*offered seasonally or for special occasions

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