Rose Alchemy

An Journey Back Home To The Sacred Feminine


The Lover, The Mother & The Queen

Get in touch with your raw feminine power, innocence & magic:

  • Dive deep to release your physical, emotional, & spiritual blockages so that you can move about life with new freedom, ease, and confidence.

  • Be empowered by Mary Magdalene so you can uproot centuries of systemic oppression against the feminine from your everyday life experience, and unleash the ecstatic Lover within you.

  • Be healed by Mother Mary so you can release your emotional blockages, and reconnect to the truth of what you are to birth into the world.

  • Be crowned by Isis so you can stand tall in who you are and go about life with confidence, ease, and the regal grace of knowing that who you are is more than enough.

  • Resurrect your Priestess Self so that you reclaim your Power, Truth, and Wisdom, and unleash yourself from the cycles of material and spiritual poverty.

Does your heart long for home?

  •  Do you feel deep down that you have a grand purpose, yet you can barely get out of bed some days? 

  • Do you experience abnormal or painful periods, or have imbalances in your female organs?

  • Do you feel a deep longing for connection, yet always question if you belong in a crowd?

  • Do you have a hard time saying YES to pleasure? Either sexually, or with life itself?

  • Does your only image of being ‘feminine’ include being pretty, polite, and superficial? 

  • Are you paralyzed by fear of not being good enough or of needing to get it ‘right’ all the time? 

  • Are you done running in circles to get more time, money, or energy– and are ready to open to the resources available to you?


You may just be an everyday Priestess waiting to be unveiled…

In Our Full Rose Alchemy Program,You'll Receive:

  • Membership to our Facebook Group … so you can be welcomed into our larger community of Rose sisters! 

  • 9 Private Sessions (60 mins) … so that you can reclaim your radiant feminine self.

  • Journal Prompts … so that you can track your mythical journey & transform from the inside out.

  • Ritual Connection Practices ... so that you can learn how to integrate magic into your daily life.

  • Follow-Up Session (60mins) … So you can have a personalized touch point several weeks after the completion of your program.

  • Personalized Essential Oil Blend … so you can deepen your sessions at home.

  • BONUS: Copy of Set Sail, Best-selling book Co-Authored by Shardai … so you can be inspired while walking your Sacred path.

Are You Ready to Return Home?

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