In honor of the generations to come,
and of my teachers who came before me:

Ariel Spilsbury: Lineage Holder & Founder, 13 Moon Mystery School

Elayne Kalila Sophia: Founder & Focalizer of the Priestess Presence Temple & School of Sacred Arts, Home of Rosa Mystica & 13 Moon Mystery School

Diana DuBrow: Scent Priestess, Founder of The Emerald Temple

Achintya Devi & Ameya Cohen Rose Lineage Keepers & Co-Founders of Priestesses of The Rose & Priestesses of The Moon

Achintya Devi Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School 

Ameya Cohen Founder of Woman Rising Mystery School

Phyllis Bala: Curandera & Medicine Pipe Carrier, Medicine Wheel Program for  Ancestral Healing

Much of the artwork on this site is attributed to Autumn Skye

The Sophia Temple


Old Town Wellness Center, 2nd Floor

2611 W. Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO 80904

by Sacred Center Sanctuary LLC