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Shardai Imanara Moon

Keeper of the Chrism

Guiding Priestess

Shardai is a vessel for the golden light of the Divine Mother to pour her graces upon you. She transmits the energetic frequencies of the entire Rose Lineage of Ascended Masters into our Temple. She invokes, focalizes, and guides the invisible and visible structures of our Temple into highest alignment.

As a Soul Alchemist she invites you to transmute anything standing in between you and your power. As a Truth-Mirror, she reflects back to you the truth of who you are, so you can show up more fully for your sacred purpose. As a weaver of the cosmic web of dreaming, she invites you to grab onto the thread of your own soul's dream, and weave it into our collective tapestry of living myth. 

Her gentle yet powerful approach ensures you are well-guided on your journey of becoming.


Rani Marie Maez

Keeper of the Mind

Temple Keeper

Rani is our Keeper of the White Rose Temple of the Higher Mind. She brings the language of the light and a soulful connection to the Divine Love of the Cosmic Mother into our Temple. She is a light-bearer and a spirit-seer.

Rani is a pristine channel for the truth of your own Divinity to be awakened within you. As a naturally-born intuitive, she is especially gifted at tuning into the subtleties of your body, spirit, and mind. She grounds the cosmic waves of illumination into our Temple.


Odara Rose

Keeper of the Heart

Temple Keeper

Odara is our Keeper of the Pink Rose Temple of the One Heart. She is a pure channel for orated truth. She ignites the spark of loving wisdom within you, and holds an overflowing chalice of blessing that reigns upon you. She embodies the true abundance and generosity of the One Heart.

Odara is a fierce protectress of the Sacred. She calls your entire being into alignment with authority and precision. In our Temple she offers playful, spontaneous eruptions of heart-tantalizing bliss, and powerful thunderous channelings of the Divine.


Amanda Montoya

Keeper of the Womb

Temple Keeper

Amanda is our Keeper of the Red Rose Temple of Womb Power. She brings flow, grace and depth to our Temple. She dances like a flame upon the water of your soul, harkening you back into remembrance of the ancient ones inside of you.

Amanda guides you skillfully into the nourishment of the void, the womb of the Great Mystery. Through Yin Yoga and embodiment practices, she invites the blossoming forth of your true feminine power from within.


Find more of her offerings here: JourneyWithYin


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