Who is the Madgalene to you?

The ecstatic Lover

The Apostle to the Apostles

The Sacred Feminine Counterpart to Yeshua (Jesus)

The Initiated Priestess of Isis

The keeper of the Holy Grael

The daughter at the Well

The Divine Anointress

The Teacher of the Way of Love

Are you ready to unleash the Ecstatic Lover, Mother & Queen within you?

Join us in Temple as we get to know our own inner Magdalene, and how she wishes to express Herself through us again in this modern day.

We tend our relationships to our Power, Wisdom, and Truth, through simple practices of connection to Womb, Heart, and Mind.

The three roses of the Rosa Mystica, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and Mary Magdalene Herself are our guides. Our bodies are the Temple.

Will you join us?

Our Moonly Flow...

WEEK 1 ~Waning Moon

Heart Wisdom Sharing


Healing Circle

WEEK 2 ~Full Moon

Sound Journey


Light Transmissions

WEEK 3 ~ New Moon

Restorative Embodiment Practice



WEEK 4 ~ Waxing Moon

Magdalene Rose Temple

Ritual Sunday Service


Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Embodied Prayer

Blessings & Devotion


The Temple doors open for enrollment this Winter.

Stay Tuned.


All our temples are virtual, either recordings or live zoom calls

For now...

Join our Sophia Temple Community 


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The Sophia Temple


Old Town Wellness Center, 2nd Floor

2611 W. Colorado

Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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