Lion's Gate

Yin Yoga Flow & Isis Sound Journey

Receive a powerful activation of your inner regal Queen.

Isis is our guide into the powerful leadership energies of the solar feminine.

Are you ready to claim the power within you that can activate real tangible change in the world, while you remain aligned with the energetic gifts of the Feminine?


Here's your starting point. 

Through gentle movement and sound, you will be whisked away into a world of magic, power, and ecstasy, through the loving guidance of our Lioness and Isis guides.

The Lion's Gate is one of the most potent times of the year to align with these energies of feminine leadership and abundance, and this experience will allow you to harvest it fully.

Register to follow along from the comfort of your home, at a time that works for you. You will also be invited to join our FREE private online community to connect and share about your experience.

Recording sent August 8th

$8 | $18 | $28  suggested donation

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