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Heart Temple

Sister Healing Circle

Are you ready to reclaim the role of the every-day medicine womxn within you? 

Join us in a heart-opening group healing activation. We will have a council heart share, and then offer a safe energetic healing space for each other.

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua are our spiritual guides into the powerful healing wisdom of the compassionate heart.


They remind us, that in order to heal self and other through LOVE, it doesn't require any fancy certifications or degrees, or any magical techniques, or herbal remedies (though those may come in handy!). It simply requires your heart-centered presence. It is profound in its simplicity.


As women, we are designed to be constantly changing and growing. We find freedom in the spontaneity of the HEART. We find our center and our joy in the wisdom held therein.

Join us as we hold space for one another to transform through the wisdom of the One HEART, and the healing energy of our focused presence.


Our Temple Oracle, Odara, will infuse the space with spontaneous oracular transmissions. Our Temple Priestess, Shardai, will amplify and harmonize the healing space. Our Rose Guides, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua, will offer themselves in devotion to the One Heart within us all. And you will bring whatever healing gifts wish to emerge from within you.


You are sure to leave feeling supported, aligned, and deeply transformed for the better. Magic is afoot!


With love,

Shardai & Odara


PS. For a short time, our precious Sophia Temple offerings are heart-donation based, as we learn and grow as a Temple :) in-joy!

$5-$25 suggested heart-contribution

Venmo @ShardaiMoon -or-



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The Sophia Temple


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