Welcome to the Sophia Temple.

Here you are invited into the remembrance of who you truly are.

Join us...

Artist: Autumn Skye


Join us through the ethers!

Gather in heart-centered sisterhood,

and practice tending to your own inner temple.

Mystery School

Immerse yourself in the Ancient-Future Mystery.

Reclaim your path as an modern-day Priestess.

Who We Are

As a Womxn in this world, it can often feel like there isn't any place you authentically belong.

It can often feel like you don't have anything of value to offer the world.

It can often feel like your voice is stifled and unimportant.

It can often feel like the religion you grew up in forgot all about you.

It can often feel like being a woman is only defined by handbags and gossip.

It can often feel like your very identity has been distorted and squelched for centuries...

...because it has...

surely there is something more?

We are here to offer belonging for ALL parts of you.

We are here to offer a safe place to be seen and heard for who you truly are.

We are here to offer remembrance of your inner feminine power and magic.

We are here to remind you that your gifts and leadership are important, and that we need them now more than ever.

We are here to lift you up.

We are here to unveil YOU.


All those who carry heart-felt devotion to the Sacred Feminine in any form are welcome here. 

All those who are curious to learn more about what resides in their own heart, are welcome here. 

All that identify as Women, or non-binary, and wish to explore their Feminine identity, are welcome here.

Welcome Home to theTemple Within

Artist: Autumn Skye


The Soul of the Earth and Cosmos.

The No-Thing from which all things are born.

The Ain-Soph-Aur ~ Limitless Light

The Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, devoted to the way of Love.


The sacred space of devotion, ritual, and remembrance.

 The abode of the Sacred, both within and without.

Our wombs, hearts, and minds.

The Goddess Traditions have been recorded to exist on the Earth for over 240,000 years. Only in the past 2,000 have they been so intentionally destroyed, demonized, and forgotten. It is time to reawaken the Goddess in all living beings on this planet. And as Womxn, the journey of awakening starts with us. Its time to reclaim our birthright as the Creatrix of the Universe. For we are the vessels from which all of life is born, and to which all life returns.

Awen, Blessed Be


Immerse yourself in our workshops, and unlock the remembrance of your Sacred Feminine Essence.


Be supported by a circle of heart-centered womxn as you tend your own inner temple.


Through personalized coaching and healing sessions, renew your entire being from the inside out.


Celebrate the turn of the wheel of the year with seasonal High Holy day rituals.

Flow with the rhythms of nature again.


Receive spiritual rites of initiation.

Step onto your leadership path as Priestess.


Build a personal relationship with our Sophia Guides.

Come into direct revelation of the Truth that you are.

Your Temple Guide

I remind heart-centered, magical, radical womxn how to create a Sacred life.
A life that is informed by their own Divinity, their connection to their purpose and their place in the circle of all their relations.
I empower them to see their lives as the unfolding of a beautiful mythical journey, one that is deeply nourishing for the soul, and that fuels their deepest desires. One that is founded on devotional practice, self-care, and an ability to show up and create tangible differences in this world. A life that is intentional, on-purpose, and radically beautiful.
And as a Priestess Initiate of the Goddess, I initiate those who are ready, back into intimate relationship with their own Sacred Feminine Essence.
~Shardai ImanaRa Moon, Rose Priestess

We value the light and the shadow.

We remember, as above, so below.

We are the Divine Mattering.

We give thanks for all expressions of life.


We value each person's ability to commune directly with the Divine. 

We honor each other's self-authority, and we show up with respect through difference and adversity.


We value resourcing ourselves with the tools needed to show up for our communities.

We re-align with our sacred purpose, and take right action to bring about a better world for all.

"WHAT an incredible experience! Shardai is powerful, compassionate and created a safe place to share my intention and practice healing WITH her. Can't recommend her more!"

J.K./ Yoga Teacher & Healer 

"There are no words to describe the spiritual journey she took me on.
I am just in awe of her and her practice."

Chanta S. / Healer

"WOW! A beautiful, humbling experience 🌸✨💜🙏"

Priscilla R. / Mother

Much of the artwork on this site is attributed to Autumn Skye http://autumnskyeart.com

The Sophia Temple


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